We know that the current pandemic has made day to day life much more difficult. Our therapists have been working hard to find ways to support our community during this time and developed this resource to help us all to continue to live our best life even in the most difficult times.

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Where neuroscience meets functional outcomes

to help you live your best life.


"Our Galaxy reignites hope with a creative and empathetic approach to evidence-based therapy,

fostering a sense of community--and a return to community--that enriches and empowers our clients in a safe learning environment."


Why Choose Us?

We are a comprehensive therapy center

We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology services, craniosacral therapy, vestibular therapy, myofascial massage, Bal-A-Vis-X, MNRI, home evaluations, community integration, and social support groups. Our therapy is clinic and community based so that our clients can receive therapy in the setting that best helps each person to achieve his or her maximum functional potential.


Our team is here every step of the way

Do you have an orthopedic or neurological injury? We know that you want to find joy in life again.
At Galaxy™ we use neuroscience to create exercises and strategies to help you on your rehabilitation journey from therapy, to home, to workplace.

We will work your brain, not just your body.

Your brain needs a work out! In order for your brain to properly function and perform high level thinking, problem solving, multitasking, and coordination required for real life situations, all areas of your brain need to work together.

Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️ provides rehabilitation that challenges multiple areas of your brain simultaneously forcing it to work together and improve the neurological pathways that need strengthening.

Our dedicated occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists will challenge your brain to do new tasks that will make it stronger with every visit.



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How We Work

Whole brain exercise will change your brain and make these things easier! We will target the areas of the brain used for these tasks and your brain will begin to build a super highway of neural connections.

Your brain wants things to be easier. If your brain is able to convince you to quit doing something then it can rest. If you wont let it rest, and you keep trying difficult things, then it will make those difficult things easier, hence the super highway! Let us help you start paving the way to a better life!

Exercises for Real Life Situations

What do these exercises help with? While here at Galaxy™, we feel the natural environment is the best way to get back to life. Our passion is for 100% community involvement so that you can go back to the roles you had in life before your injury.

We want to get you back in your gym, your stores, your neighborhood and your workplace as fast as possible. That’s why we started this business 15 years ago, growing from only occupational therapy to a multidisciplinary clinic providing a wide range of rehabilitation services.

However, what we learned is that there are high level executive functioning challenges that many still have difficulty with even after going through traditional inpatient and outpatient therapies. These challenges include but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Difficulty knowing how to start a project/ finish a project
  • Feeling overwhelmed / unable to complete home organization projects
  • Difficulty with crowds, being in public places,
  • Difficulty dealing with unpredictable environments or circumstances
  • Lack of enjoyment of holidays or being at family gatherings
  • Difficulty or inability to do banking, budgeting, opening mail
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts, having conversations over phone or in public
  • Difficulty fitting in at or being able to work out at the local gym
  • Inability or difficulty thinking on your toes
  • Balance deficits, feeling dizzy, and lack of motor coordination
  • And many other symptoms…

Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️ is based in Ann Arbor with community-based therapists providing care throughout Southeast Michigan.


Galaxy Brain Center hosts events for survivors, caregivers and family members.

Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️ is Different

We know you need help with real life.

You don’t live in a hospital - so our center doesn’t look or feel like one.

You don’t live in a gym - so our therapists don’t just give you exercises.

Our Mission
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Every minute you spend with us is a minute strengthening your brain