Mild Cognitive Impairment and the Aging Brain

We treat clients with acquired brain injury and concussion who are having difficulty with cognitive tasks, as well as those with age-related progressive cognitive decline.

Our therapists are trained to develop a comprehensive cognitive training program based on the latest cognitive research. We focus on remediation exercises combined with compensatory strategies that will allow our clients to not only improve cognitive functioning, but permit them to live their best life.

Our therapists have decades of experience in treating these challenges and have developed both individual therapy approaches, as well as classes and caregiver opportunities.

Our classes help educate on the pillars of brain health, as well as on ways to maximize cognitive function. Look for both individual therapy and group therapy options for treating cognitive impairments.

We recognize that multiple disciplines may be required depending on individual needs, and that helping our clients stay as independent as possible is always a key goal. Let Galaxy therapists help empower positive change in your daily life!