Staying Ahead of COVID!

This year has been indescribable- COVID has touched all of us in one way or another, and is still very much a threat to our community, friends and family. We want you to feel safe at Galaxy, so that you can concentrate on your recovery! Besides our initial policies (see here for how we are keeping your Galaxy safe and here for what to expect when you arrive) we have instituted a secure email line straight to our Covid Team, so that we can proactively protect everyone from exposures. PLEASE let us know of any potential exposures via at any time, and we will alert our team to next steps.  We are grateful to EVERYONE for their continued efforts!

Knowledge is Power!

What to expect when you arrive to Galaxy!

Park and give us a call in the office--(734) 627-8001, we even have a neat card for your wallet, just ask!--and we will ask you some quick screening questions. (Note--we are asking about COVID symptoms, gatherings, and abiding by the state guidelines.  At this point, gatherings of over 10 people or more than two families are not suggested. Please ask if you have questions.)

Once you've answered the screening questions, we'll ask you to come on up wearing your mask, we'll take your temperature and then get you to your therapist!  We sanitize the rooms top to bottom in between clients, so you can be sure you’re coming into a clean room.

While we prefer that you come alone for appointments, we do allow up to one extra person to come to your appointment with you, if needed.