Welcome to GALAXY! We are on a mission to bring you the absolute best in personalized health, wellness, and therapy services. 

Galaxy started as a comprehensive therapy clinic for brain injury survivors with a unique approach to therapy where we focus on the whole body, the whole person, and the whole brain. We have watched our clients make amazing progress even years after their injury through our expert knowledge of neuroplasticity, the body, and emotional health. We use that knowledge to help our clients heal and go on to live meaningful lives. 

The exciting news is that these same techniques and strategies that we use to help someone after a brain injury can help everyone! We can help an athlete improve coordination, a parent organize his life, a student succeed in school, or a retiree keep her mind sharp! This is why we are excited to not only offer the very best in neurological rehabilitation but now we are offering the first of its kind neuro-wellness services!

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