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Do you find that sometimes your brain feels foggy or you have trouble organizing your thoughts?

Is organizing a grocery list or keeping up with all of your appointments a challenge?

That is why Galaxy designed whole-brain exercises to improve cognitive functioning to make daily tasks easier!

WE WILL WORK YOUR BRAIN, NOT JUST YOUR BODY. Your brain needs a work out! In order for your brain to properly function and perform high level thinking, problem solving, multitasking, and coordination required for real life situations, all areas of your brain need to work together efficiently.

Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️ provides rehabilitation that challenges multiple areas of your brain, simultaneously forcing it to work together and improve the neurological pathways that need strengthening so that daily tasks become easier.


It is amazing! Your brain controls your body, creates thoughts, drives emotions, and stores memories.

It is busy! When you think, see, or move, electrical signals race among 100 billion neurons.

It is resilient! Your brain’s neuroplasticity allows it to adapt, learn, and change.

Your brain grows stronger with physical and mental challenges!

This is why Galaxy focuses on whole brain exercises that will challenge your brain, making cognitive tasks and daily activities easier! We will target the areas of the brain used for cognitive tasks and your brain will begin to build a super highway of neural connections .

Your brain wants things to be easier. If your brain is able to convince you to quit doing something then it can rest. If you won't let it rest, and you keep trying difficult things, then it will make those difficult things easier, hence the super highway! Let us help you start paving the way to a better life!

Try this whole brain challenge!
1. Tap your feet alternating left and right to a beat
2. Visually track a door frame counter-clockwise
3. When you tap your left foot, name a color
4. Try and keep this up for 2 minutes

Want to experience whole-brain exercise? Join our Brain Body Balance class!

Group classes are offered every Monday from 11:00-11:45. Each class is $25 a session.

Call text or email to learn more! 734-627-8001 or