Volunteer Information 2019

What is the Artisan Market ??

If you have any specific questions or want to find out more. Feel free to call us directly at (734) 627-8001 or email us at: gam@galaxybraincenter.com

Thank you

A Message from Our CEO:

This event is about giving back by creating opportunities for Artisans to shine and be celebrated. It takes a combination of strength, determination, creativity, grit, and perseverance to overcome unexpected hardships or congenital challenges,” said Meg Scaling, Chief Executive Officer/OTRL. “On November 9th, Galaxy and our community of volunteers, families, sponsors, and attendees will come together to support, uplift, and encourage our Artisans to reinforce the fact that we are all created for greatness no matter what life throws our way. Galaxy is honored to provide a platform for Artisans to display their many talents by facilitating the Artisan Market for the third consecutive year.