Mindfulness Meditation


At Galaxy, we focus on well-being--your  well-being.  One way to bring positivity into your life is through learning Mindfulness Meditation.  There is a multitude of research studies attesting to the benefits of mindfulness practice:  improved physical health (i.e., lowered blood pressure), increased mental well-being, improved cognitive function, improvement in overall living, and reduced depression and anxiety.  Dr. Branca's teaching style incorporates mindfulness meditation techniques, easy flow yoga (i.e., accessible), psycho-spiritual methods, and is trauma-informed.

Dr. Branca's Training:

Board-certified neuropsychologist (PhD, ABN)

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Certified Zentangle Teacher

Member, International Mindfulness Teachers Association


Services offered:

  • individual sessions
  • group sessions
  • corporate sessions
  • corporate series of sessions
  • customized programs for both individual and corporate clients

Meet Dr. Branda and learn the science behind mindfulness meditation.

Dr. Branca discusses how to use mindfulness to practice forgiveness!

Dr. Branca discusses the mindfulness of breath and how to use it for grounding.

Dr. Branca helps to cultivate more compassion for your emotional experience.