Welcome to our Galaxy!

We are excited that you have trusted us with your therapy treatment. We value your confidence in us, as well as your commitment to your own recovery and promise to give you 110% of our effort to help you reach your maximum potential!

How to become a client:

  1. Please tell us about yourself by completing our New Referral Intake Form. This form will provide us with the information needed to get you started as soon as possible with our awesome team of therapists!

    To fill out this form, you will need to provide:

    • Demographic information (date of birth, address, phone number, etc.)
    • Care team (prescribing doctor, case manager, guardian, emergency contact) names, phone numbers, and fax numbers
    • Prescription(s) for therapy services
    • Insurance information
    • Scheduling preferences

Don’t forget to submit a copy of the following information by email to referrals@galaxybraincenter.com or fax to 734-627-8013:

  • Prescription(s)
    • Health insurance card(s) front and back
    • Medical records relative to why you are coming to Galaxy
      • Neuropsychological exam report
      • PMR visit note
      • Neurology notes
      • Past therapy notes
      • Primary care physician note
      • Any other relevant details

After we receive your information, our new client specialist will check to make sure we accept your insurance (no one wants an unexpected bill from insurance) and then contact you to answer any questions you might have. During that phone call, our new client specialist will guide you and help set up your initial appointments and finalize all necessary paperwork, such as our Galaxy’s New Client Packet. You can bring the Galaxy New Client Packet with you to your first appointment or send via fax or email to our new client specialist.

If you have any questions and would like to speak directly with our new client specialist, please call 734-627-8013 or email referrals@galaxybraincenter.com. Our new client specialist is available to answer any questions and help you get started with your recovery.


How do I pay for therapy?

We accept the following insurances:

  • Traditional Medicare
  • Medicare Plus Blue
  • BC/BS (not HMO)
  • United Healthcare
  • Auto insurance claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims

If you do not see your insurance listed above, please feel free to call or email us to inquire about your specific insurance at 734-6278-8013 or referrals@galaxybraincenter.com.

We accept private pay on a sliding scale based on income and accept health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts.

Can I come tour the clinic?

Yes! Please feel free to call our front office and setup a time to come in for a tour of the clinic. It will give you a chance to speak with a therapist in person to get all of your questions and concerns answered.

What should a prescription say?

Generally a prescription needs to say:

_________ (OT, PT, SLP) evaluate and treat for ____________ (the areas where you have difficulties)

Example: OT evaluate and treat for difficulty with bathing and dressing. PT evaluate and treat for vestibular dysfunction.

You can always provide your prescribing physician a copy of our Galaxy specific Prescription Pad to help with getting a prescription.

What medical records are helpful?

Any medical records relative to the reasons why you are coming to Galaxy can be helpful. Medical records that are useful include but are not limited to neuropsychological exam report, PMR visit note, neurology notes, primary care physician note, and past therapy notes.

Where is Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center located?

Our clinic is located at 5840 Interface Drive, Suite 400, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. It is off Jackson Road close to Meijer, Lowe’s, and The Standard restaurant.  

Where will my evaluation take place?

Most of our evaluations are held at our clinic in Ann Arbor. Sometimes evaluations take place in the clients’ homes. Your scheduling specialist will make sure you know the location of your first evaluation. Currently, Galaxy only offers occupational and speech language pathology in the community. All physical therapy is performed at our clinic in Ann Arbor.

What happens if I don’t feel well enough for my appointment?

We encourage you to call us if you aren’t feeling well enough for your appointment. Some physical pains and anxiety can actually be helped by coming to your therapy appointment. If you are sick, we understand and can reschedule your appointment with 24-hours advance notice. By making a call to us, our Galaxy team can help you decide what to do about your appointment.