Hello, I’m Meg Scaling, Occupational Therapist, and owner of Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️.

My passion and my mission is to bring HOPE and CHANGE for those who have sustained a brain injury.

In 2001, I met someone with a brain injury. She changed my life in a way I could have never imagined. I wanted to help her gain independence and she was willing to do anything I asked of her.

Mission: Brain Challenge!

I learned so much about my client’s perseverance, about using whole brain exercise, reflex integration, vestibular challenges, and about the devastating toll brain injury takes on the individual and their families.

This injury steals ones personality, ones strength, ones passion, ones roles in life and ones ability to even enjoy their own family, and often replaces it with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and an inability to function at a high level, with most individuals just barely getting by. The motto so many of my clients have is “Fake it till you make it.” My mission is to BRING BACK JOY!

My passion is to do anything and everything I can do to help challenge the brain to actually get better.

  • Your brain can and will improve.
  • Don’t just exercise your arms and legs, or your posture.
  • Don’t just do pen and paper tasks and call it cognitive rehabilitation.
  • Exercise your whole brain together and you will see the changes start to unfold.

When I meet you I will ask you, “What brings you joy?” and after you have worked with our team, my prayer is that you will be able to answer that question with certainty.

Put in the hard work and make your brain work for you again. Get back to living a purposeful life again! Whether it is traumatic brain injury, stroke, learning disability, cerebral palsy, neurodevelopmental deficit, or any other neurological disease or disorder, We can help!

Come inspire us with your strength and perseverance!

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