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Our unique exercises are tailored to apply to real-life situations.


We offer a variety of individual treatment plans but typically treatment will involve some combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Treatment is tailored for you so we will conduct an evaluation to address your unique needs and goals. Which therapies are right for you?

  • Occupational therapy: At its most basic, occupational therapy helps people with the everyday activities they need to function through therapies designed to develop these skills. Learn more by visiting https://www.aota.org/About-Occupational-Therapy.aspx
  • Physical therapy: Clients receiving physical therapy are often recovering mobility and function after suffering an injury. Treatments are designed to improve quality of life through improved mobility and reduction of pain.  Learn more by visiting http://www.apta.org/AboutPTs/
  • Speech therapy: Clients may receive speech therapy in combination with other therapies or as a standalone to assess and treat communication disorders, cognitive disorders, voice disorders, and problems with swallowing.  Learn more by visiting http://www.asha.org/Students/Speech-Language-Pathologists/
  • Social work: An injury or illness can change your life in an instant. Adjusting to that change emotionally can be very hard. Social workers provide mental health therapy that allows you to process those emotions and move forward in a meaningful way. Learn more by visiting https://www.socialworkers.org/Practice/Clinical-Social-Work

Our therapists will work with you to determine your best treatment options, either at your home, virtually, or in our Ann Arbor clinic.

Our Unique Exercises: Real-life applications

Your amazing brain loves EFFICIENCY! It won’t waste your energy.

When you first learned to tie your shoes your brain said, “STOP THIS IS TOO HARD, wear Velcro shoes, it’s much easier… these shoe laces are too slippery, too short, it’s too hard.” If you listened to your brain you would still be wearing Velcro. But when your peers convinced you that it was much cooler to wear tie-up shoes, you were motivated and you forced your brain and body to learn to tie your shoes. At first, you had to think about every step. Then your brain said, “Well if you are not going to wear Velcro, then I better make this easier for you.” Your brain made a neurological super highway for tying your shoes, and before long you could do it without looking, tie any type of lace, and even carry on a conversation while doing it. We will teach your brain to do difficult things so that eventually you can do them automatically again. We are in the business of creating superhighways in your brain so you can get back to life!

WHOLE BRAIN EXERCISE WILL CHANGE YOUR BRAIN AND MAKE THESE THINGS EASIER! WE WILL TARGET THE AREAS OF THE BRAIN USED FOR THESE TASKS AND YOUR BRAIN WILL BEGIN TO BUILD A SUPER HIGHWAY OF NEURAL CONNECTIONS. Your brain wants things to be easier. If your brain is able to convince you to quit doing something then it can rest. If you won’t let it rest, and you keep trying difficult things, then it will make those difficult things easier, hence the super highway! Let us help you start paving the way to a better life!

You have questions. We have answers

But It’s been 7 years since my accident, can this still help? YES! Absolutely! Without a doubt! We have worked with individuals who have been 9 years and 15 years post injury, and they improve and regain function, cognition and independence. Your brain can change at any age, no matter how long it has been damaged. Make it work and it will get stronger. Let it rest and it will rest. MAKE IT WORK HARD AND IT WILL WORK UNTIL THINGS BECOME EASIER!


You are in the right place. We have certified vestibular OT/PT services that can help you with post-concussion symptoms and dizziness related to head trauma, infection, surgery, and sudden onset dizziness. Did you know that if you combine cognitive tasks while challenging the vestibular system you improve faster? We know this and much more. Let us help you heal from your concussion, and let us help you get back to the business of life without dizziness. Click here for post-concussion symptoms.

I’M TIRED OF BEING A PATIENT!. That’s great! We are tired of clinics that feel like hospitals. You are one of us here. Brain exercises are good for you and they are good for everyone that works here too. That’s why we do them together! You belong here. You matter to us. Your story and your determination will inspire another individual here. THIS PLACE FEELS DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK! We are dedicated to helping individuals through their therapies, and offer programs that create a path to real work. We provide technology training to individuals so you can even set up your own online store if you like! We are developing a vocational program that will provide individualized vocational projects under the supervision of job coaches and therapists so that individuals who are ready, can then transition back into community settings and traditional employment.


We have the programs you need. Whether you need some combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, or need an even broader array including, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, vestibular therapy, group exercise, or job coaching.

MY HOUSE IS CHAOS! Afraid to open your door? Starting to feel like a hoarder? Piles of mail, paperwork, and tasks that you have been avoiding getting the best of you? We can help. We have 15 years of community based home therapy experience. We know how to set up your home for success. When your brain feels messy, your house needs to be organized to help you function better. We have done it all and know just the strategies that will help you keep up with your household responsibilities. We also can work closely with attendant care companies of your choosing so that the programs and strategies we set up, are supported and maintained by a team of professionals. No job’s too big or too small. Our only request is this: Please don’t feel the need to clean before we get there; just show us the real deal and we will get started working with you to make it better.