The purpose of our therapy here at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center®️ is to improve cognitive and physical function so our clients can reach their maximum potential.

We do this through a combination of whole-brain exercise, physical exercise, and the use of our customized compensatory systems.

We are providing our printable compensatory systems as a free download in hopes that they will help others achieve their maximum functional potential.

Tools for Concussion/TBI

Galaxy's Brain Injury Speciality Program

The Symptom Check List

Sensory Symptom Survival Guide

The Complete Medical Binder

Medical Visit Question List

Self-Advocacy Letter

Where To Start: Helpful Tips For Family Members caring For Someone With A Recent Stroke, concussion Or Brain Injury

How to Avoid Concussion Cascade with Everyday Activities


Tools for Cognition and Problem Solving

Action Planning Template

Project Visualizer   Sample Project Visualizer

Task Initiation Worksheet

Memory Strategies

Executive Functioning

Goal Plan Do Review

Tools for Daily Life

The Weekly Plan

The Meal Plan

Grocery List

Phone Call Guide

Gift List

Thank You Notes Organizer 

Social Media Safety Tips

Grilling Safety

Grill Safety Visual Guide

Home Safety Plan


Tools for Travel

Gratitude Passport

Travel Planner

Relaxation Strategies

Packing List

Car Emergency Card



Galaxy Forms

Galaxy HIPAA