PESI Continuing Education Training Courses

What sets a Galaxy therapist apart!? It is our training! That is why we are a proud affiliate of PESI Continuing Education Training Courses.

Check out the Galaxy-recommended training courses below.

 Course Name Trackback Link from Pesi (this is for website)
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT
 Executive Function Mastery Course
 Rewire the Anxious Brain: Neuroscience-Informed Treatment of Anxiety, Panic and   Worry
 Mastering Telehealth & Anxiety Treatment in the Age of Social Distancing
 COVID-19 Long Haulers Symposium: Solutions for Rehab Professionals
 Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional Anxiety, Panic, & Phobia Certification Training: Interventions for All Types of Worry
 Geriatric Care Certification Course - Ultimate Multidiscipline Guide