Cell Phone Organization

Over our many years of providing therapy for brain injury survivors, we have learned that organization is a great tool to compensate for decreased memory. Did you know that organization can extend to your cell phone? Here are are few tips for organizing your cell phone to increase your ability to use it as a good compensatory tool.

  1. Dock: Put the most frequently used apps on the dock. We usually recommend putting the phone, text messages, calendar, email, or any other app that you will need to access quickly.
  2. Home Page: We recommend putting other important apps on the home page, but keep it simple! The fewer apps you have on you home page will allow you to more easily locate the apps that you need.
  3. Group Similar Apps: Many people find it helpful to group apps together on one page or folder. We highly recommend making a health care page, a relaxation page, and a business page. This allows you to find apps more easily because they are categorized.

With a little organization, your cell phone can be a powerful tool on your road to recovery. Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to your Galaxy therapist about ways to maximize the use of your cell phone as a compensatory tool.