Community Integration

Is grocery shopping, getting gas, or visiting friends and family difficult or seemingly impossible? Our therapists start by educating clients to understand their symptoms and triggers after a concussion or brain injury.

With this knowledge, clients can learn how to monitor their symptoms to improve their ability to go out into the community. Our therapists also work with clients to develop compensatory strategies to make these tasks easier such as creating aisle-specific grocery lists, helping clients perform environmental assessments, making checklists of what to take when leaving the house, and many other tools that allow clients to safely and confidently go out into the community.

Our company was established back in 2007 on the principle that therapy needs to happen where the clients live, play, and work. We have been providing home and community-based therapy for the past 12 years as a company, and some of us have been providing it individually for over 20 years. Above all, our expertise lies in meeting the client where they are at and developing an individual plan for moving forward.  Sometimes this means helping with home organizational goals, as well as time management goals.

Sometimes it involves budgeting, shopping, and learning how to navigate the bus system. Sometimes we need to help with shopping, cooking, and developing strategies for staying on top of the daily chores so that other meaningful things can be added to the day such as work, hobbies, exercise, or quality family time.

No matter what the need, our therapists are by far, the best in the industry and will feel like a part of the family as soon as you open the door to Galaxy!