Concussion Management

Have you experienced a concussion and are still having trouble returning to work or doing things that used to bring you joy? Let our vestibular and concussion certified therapists (through The American Institute of Balance) help you with concussion management through strategies and exercises so you can return to living your best life. Concussions and Post-Concussion Syndrome specifically require a very careful concussion protocol and a whole team approach that looks carefully at developing an individual treatment program that establishes thresholds for:

1) Anxiety and anxiety provoking activities,
2) Heart rate (using the Buffalo Treadmill Test), and
3) Cognitive load restrictions

Concussions can look different for many people. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center identified six different types of concussion. These can present as a combination of many of the following types:

1) Vestibular (balance, coordination, head movement, vision stabilization),
2) Ocular-Motor (coordination of eye movement, head movement, fatigue, headaches)
3) Cognitive (concentration, learning, memory, attention)
4) Post-Traumatic Migraine (headache, light and noise sensitivity, nausea)
5) Cervical (headache, neck pain)
6)  Anxiety/Mood (anxiety and irritability)