Cooking Made Simple

Cooking can be hard. It requires memory, problem solving, safety awareness, and multi-tasking, all things that can be more difficult after a brain injury. Here at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center, we work to simplify tasks such as cooking with customized and detailed step-by-step directions. Comprehensive directions decrease the cognitive demands of the task and helps to eliminate accidents.

Some helpful tips for customizing recipes:

  1. Use check boxes to help the chef to remember when each step is completed. 
  2. Include safety cues in the directions to decrease accidents.
  3. Keep the recipes simple and gradually work up to more complex meals. One pot meals are a GREAT starting point for someone just returning to cooking. 
Check out this wonderful recipe customize by one of our occupational therapists, Debbie Loftus.  We hope you enjoy this Easy Turkey Chili recipe!