“Doing laundry is too overwhelming, especially trying to separate all of my kids’ clothes!”

Is doing laundry overwhelming or stressful? Do you have a hard time sorting clothes for each family member after doing laundry?

Try some of these solutions to help ease the task of doing laundry:

1.     Assign each family member a color and buy 1 laundry basket per family member in their designated color. Assign each family member a day of the week and wash only THEIR laundry on that day. Once the clothes are dry, place the clothes back into the basket and place it in their room. Each family member (that is old enough to do so) is responsible for sorting and putting away their own clothes. 
2.     Use soda can tabs to keep outfits together.
3.     Tired of shrinking sweaters or ruining shirts because you accidentally threw them in the dryer? Keep a dry erase marker in your laundry room. Use the marker to write notes directly on your washing machine (i.e. Do not dry red blouse or blue sweater!) Suggestion: Test out the dry erase marker on a small portion of the washing machine that is not easily visible to ensure that it does not stain. You may also use windex to get the dry erase marker off if it does not completely come off with a dry towel.