Galaxy Brain Center is a company dedicated to practicing what we teach our clients, and incorporating a sense of teamwork, balance, and professionalism, while also recognizing the need to prioritize our own family and health.

Life Skills Community Rehabilitation requires it's employees to be passionate about life, passionate about their profession, and most importantly passionate about helping others.

Our clients trust us to be a part of their life, be in their homes, and even get to know their families.

Employees of Life Skills Community Rehabilitation must be able to use themselves therapeutically, while recognizing that this job requires a bit of "going the extra mile" for our clients.

We expect that our employees go the extra mile and provide unique treatment, not textbook treatment.  We expect our employees to make any and every accommodation possible to provide unique treatment in the natural setting.

Please email Resume and References to:

Meg Scaling/OTRL
Life Skills Community Rehabilitation and Associates, LLC
Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center