Galaxy™ Artisan Market

“Empowering people with unique abilities to create their own micro-business within a supported environment.”

2019 Artisan Market 

November 9, 2019 10:00 AM - 2:00PM

Galaxy wishes to thank all of our wonderfully talented Artisans who participated in this enriching event making our 2018 Galaxy Artisan Market a success!  Special thanks to our dedicated sponsors and everyone who came out to shop, volunteer, and support our 2018 Artisans!

Move Forward, Give Back

Meets Weekly

Want to find a way to give back to our community? This group faciltiated by occupational therapists from Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center will be focused on social participation, volunteer engagement, and community reintegration through various forms of media and outreach opportunities.

Art Group

Meets Weekly

Water colors, paints, scrapbooking, OH MY!  Come join this weekly group faciltiated by therapists from Galaxy Brain and Thearpy to explore different art mediums to improve self expression.

Brain Body Balance

Meets Weekly

Do you ever walk into a room and forget what you were going to do? Do you want to improve memory, increase focus, or improve multitasking? Brain Body Balance is the class for you. Join this class run by therapists from Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center who are experts in improving cognitive functioning. These classes use techniques based on the latest research in neuroplasticity to train your brain through movements and mental challenges that are scientifically proven to improve your cognitive and physical health.