Healthy Brain Course

This 6-day course is offered several times a year and is designed for individuals diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and their friends and family.

The full course is $240 and this includes all the classes for two people! It is strongly encouraged that attendees come to all 6 sessions.

Course Details

This 6-day course is facilitated by experienced speech-language pathologists and is designed for individuals who want to improve cognitive skills and those with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). This course will help participants: 

  • Understand their diagnosis and the differences between MCI, normal aging, and dementia
  • Increase their knowledge of evidence-based strategies for optimizing brain health, and develop a personal plan for improving brain health
  • Understand primary cognitive functions of attention, memory, and executive functioning in terms of everyday tasks, and how these may be impacted by MCI
  • Identify compensatory strategies to improve attention, memory, and executive functioning to maximize independence, safety, and participation in the home and community



Q: I have been diagnosed with early-onset dementia.  Is this the class for me?

A: Yes, it absolutely is!  You will learn that there are plenty of things you can do that will help you stay active and live your best life as independently as possible.

Q: Will I have time to talk to you individually in this class?

A: There is time to talk and share as a part of our group discussion and structure.  It is an interactive class so we will want to hear from you.  At the end of every class, we will offer a survey where you can tell us also some of the things you may want individual help on.  We can absolutely reach out to you and schedule a time for some one-on-one therapy if you are interested in digging deeper into your individual and specific needs.  Many of our clients find this very helpful.

Q: Will I have to write things down or will I be given handouts that describe what we learn?

A: We will have an entire 3-ring binder that we will fill with resources for you each and every class.  You will get to take the binder home with you and use it as a reference tool. No need to write it all down.  We have you covered. 

Q: Can I bring my significant other or family member to this class?

A: That is a great question and definitely one that is asked a lot.  This class is designed for you and your loved one. 

Q: Is it helpful to do individual speech therapy before attending the group class?

A: Honestly, not really.  This group class will help you feel that you're not alone, and it will introduce some of the basic concepts that we would have likely covered with you during individual therapy.  However, if there are concepts that just are not sinking in, or you feel like you want some one on one attention to develop individual strategies, then we can set that up after the class and help you out that way.  

Q: What if I have had a brain injury, will this class be good for me too?

A: This class has some great tools and strategies that will definitely be helpful, however, there is some time spent on the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, and the progressive nature of this diagnosis.  You will benefit from learning how to keep your brain healthy, and how to incorporate memory strategies, but the classes that might be best for you are:

  • Symptoms and Triggers for Persons with TBI
  • Cognitive Strategies after a Concussion or TBI
  • Moving Past Post-Concussion Syndrome