“I am overwhelmed with grocery shopping, it takes too long and I can’t find what I need. It takes me 4 hours to shop!”

Do you have difficulty with grocery shopping? Try this solution:

Low tech:

Create aisle specific grocery list for the most frequent store where you shop.  For example, if you shop at Kroger and Target the most, go to those stores and make a specific list of what the you buy there.  Then, take the list and write down the exact isle the grocery item is located in.  If you have Microsoft Excel on your computer and go to “create new document” there are actually grocery shopping templates you can use.  Make the headers the aisle number, and under the aisle number list the items on that asile.  Add a line before the grocery item so you can put an “x” on that line to indicate you need the item.  Make copies of this list and then when you need something you can just check the item off on the list and bring it to the grocery store.  

Hi tech:

If technology is available, create this on the IPAD and bring the IPAD to the grocery store to view the list.  When done shopping clear the “x’s” off of the template and you are ready to start over with next week’s grocery list!

If you simply need a grocery list, but not one as in depth as the asile specific grocery list, then there are several applications available for smart devices (iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc). Grocery IQ is a great option for a grocery list. It allows the user to enter grocery items into the app and it will automatically sort them into a category. There are three options to input the wanted grocery items: type it in, speak it out loud, or scan the bar code. This application allows you to share your grocery list with a family member or a caregiver so that both of you will have the same list for shopping.