“If I am driving and something happens like a flat tire, I panic and don’t know what to do.”

Do you want to be more independent in the community, but you are worried that you won’t know what to do in an emergency?

Low Tech:

It is helpful to have a emergency protocol book located in your car.  This book should include protocol worksheets giving step by step guidelines to follow in case of specific emergencies (ie flat tire, ran out of gas, etc.) as well as emergency phone numbers.  

High Tech:

If you use a smart device, consider using a program like DropBox or another cloud storage program* to have this emergency protocol book conveniently saved on your phone. Make sure that your DropBox folders are well organized so that locating the folders in a stressful situation will be easy.

*A cloud storage program can take files (photos, documents, spread sheets, etc.) that are on your computer or smart device and store them securely on the internet. Those files can then be accessed from your computer, phone, tablet, or from any device that has internet access. After the system is set up, it is very simple to use. When viewing the files from your computer, they look like any other file folder on the computer. If you view these same files from your phone, you will see everything there and in the exact same order. This makes locating information very easy from any location.