Knowledge is Power

  • In all of life, knowledge is power. When we understand ourselves better and learn what we need to do and what steps we need to take to get the job done, then we are more successful.
  • When we have skilled therapists who listen, understand, and have experience treating others with similar challenges, we feel supported and in good hands.
  • When we get help breaking down the task or goal into smaller steps that are possible, then life starts to feel possible again.
  • When we don't have to explain ourselves because we feel incredibly understood, we can let down our guard.
  • When one learns about oneself, or better understands their symptoms, triggers, their body, their mind, their hangups, their tendencies, and identifies those things they avoid, one is then able to take a deep breath and step back -- because admitting those things is the biggest challenge, but learning that you're not alone, is power. What you feel is much like others feel.
  • Knowing that there are skilled therapists that can help is powerful, and knowing that one can overcome these obstacles (no matter how many years/decades one might have been avoiding them) means hope!
  • There is power in admitting that we need help. When we understand strategies for improvement, suddenly the task or goal is more possible and feels more attainable.
  • Our therapists help clients tackle many hard things in life including things that are especially difficult after a concussion or brain injury. In every situation, we work to give power back to our clients.