Our Mission

At Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center,  it is our ultimate job to help clients discover their potential, goals and dreams while providing them with the tools to accomplish them.

We support and encourage our clients to press on through the various challenges they encounter while recognizing their small gains along the way, and provide them with motivation and skills to continue this process throughout their life.

Teaching Real-Life Skills

We teach clients to implement the skills and strategies to all areas of their life with the ultimate goal of assisting them in their pursuit of lifelong competence in ADL’s and in fulfilling their various occupational roles.

As therapists, we need to provide a framework that allows and encourages our clients to take ownership of their therapy and unique goals and recognize the importance of pursuing them in a natural and functional setting when ever possible.

When clients take ownership of their therapy, the reward of success and independence is all their own.

Our Team of Clinicians, carefully plan treatment sessions based on the individuals deficits by creating exercises that are specific and unique for each client, while integrating treatment models that are based on research and neuroplasticity.

Therapists will utilize whole brain exercise, mindfulness, visual tracking, vestibular, rhythm and timing, reflex integration and cognitive exercises for faster remediation of brain potential.