Progressives Neurological Illnesses

Being diagnosed with a progressive neurological illness can be scary as clients face the “unknown.” Our therapy team works with you to understand the nature of the illness, as well as develop strategies for combating the deficits that begin to present themselves over time.

We work with clients to develop a physical and cognitive exercise plan that will allow them to maintain the highest level of functioning for as long as possible. We offer individual and group therapy to help combat deficits associated with progressive illness.

Treatments include whole brain exercise, balance training, MNRI® (The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) Method, cognitive therapy, and pain management for clients whose progressive illness also creates significant pain. We work with clients to develop strategies to maximize communication abilities and to modify tasks and their home environment so that they can live their best life. No two clients are treated the same because each person’s needs are unique to them.

At Galaxy, we help you empower positive change in your life, even in the midst of a setback like a progressive disease. Clients still can live their best life and find much joy in the journey!