All of our therapists specialize in recovery after an acquired brain injury. This is what we really love to do! We know that it takes one-on-one attention and care to rehabilitate after a stroke.

At Galaxy, we provide that and more. Everyone from our front office staff to our therapists knows that you might need special attention and care, and we are ready to help. Clients receive a comprehensive evaluation to assess their physical, cognitive, sensory, and emotional well-being. We get to know each client and their individual needs and goals. We offer group classes for physical, as well as cognitive rehabilitation if clients like the idea of being a part of a group and would benefit from the support and joy that comes with expanding their personal community of support.

Our therapists specialize in unilateral weakness, balance, speech, swallowing, and all of the unique challenges that having a stroke might present to clients.

Here at Galaxy we work the brain and the body, so plan on a whole person approach to rehabilitation. Our customized plan will help clients return to living their best life.