Visual Planner: Managing Complicated Projects

Do you ever find that completing a project gets really difficult if you can’t complete it in one step? Planning a party, filling out applications, and many other projects can get very complicated when you need to gather information and do multiple tasks before the project can be considered complete. This is why our Galaxy therapists have developed a visual planner to help you to see all of the parts of a project and their statuses at a glance. This allows you to do the work without worrying that you might drop the ball.

Use this to help remember all of the steps of complicated projects.

You can write directly on your printable visual planner but we recommend using it with sticky notes so that each task can be moved across the board as you do something related to it. Below is a sample of how to use this planner to plan a kid’s birthday party.

Category: List all categories in the big project.We recommend coloring coding the sticky notes or alternating the colors to make the different categories stand out across the project planner. For our example with planning a kid’s birthday party, the categories are: food, guests, and decorations.

To-do: Any tasks that need to be done are listed here. For the sample, to-do tasks include ordering invites and lists of supplies that need to be purchased. All tasks will start in this category and they will move across the project visualizer as you work on each one.

In Process: Once a to-do is started it is then moved to this column. For our sample, the school teacher has been asked for a list of students to invite, but we are waiting to get the list from the teacher.

To Verify: Tasks that need verification go into this area. With some projects it can be waiting for a confirmation letter or email. In this sample, we are waiting for the teacher to verify that there are no allergies for the students that will be invited to the party.

Done: This is the happy column. Once you have fully completed a task, then you get to move it to this column and breath a sign of relief! You are one step closer to being doing with the whole project!