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April 2017 Dates To be announced

1) WHAT I’M NOT TELLING YOU- TBI 100, For survivors, caregivers, family members. Beginning the conversations about TBI and helping survivors explain what they are feeling. Help to foster conversations to help family members better understand the changes that occur after a TBI.

2) CUES COUNT – TBI 101 for Rehabilitation Technicians and Caregiver Training. Learn proper transfer techniques, safety techniques, as well as the importance of properly cueing and supporting the rehab goals for each survivor.

May 2017 Courses (Dates To be Announced)

1) MY BRAIN’S SUPERHIGHWAY- Galaxy Brain Scale 200. For clients, caregivers, teachers, and family. Learn the theory behind whole brain exercises. We will share various techniques that we incorporate in our treatment, show basic exercises for preparing your brain for work, and discuss your brains basic nutritional needs. Hear from clients who share their success stories, and leave with tools to help your brain heal.

2) GALAXY BRAIN SCALE AND MORE: 201. For OT, PT, ST, RT, MT, psychologists, physicians, nurses, teachers, and caregivers. Learn basic exercises that will help you exercise the brain and not just the body. Discuss research articles, how to apply research to therapy goals, documentation strategies for whole brain exercise, and hear from clients who share their success stories.